Monday, July 18, 2011

Nice detail in a house in Tel Mond

I've always liked stairways for some reason, which is kind of strange I guess, because stairways can be quite dangerous, can't they? But I think they make a nice detail in a house, such as in this house in Tel Mond, a small city north of Kfar Saba in the center of Israel.

I love how it curves so nicely as well!

(pics from Homeless)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My own Tel Aviv apartment

Just in case anyone is interested in how I live at the moment, I thought I would also share some pics of my own Tel Aviv apartment. I live in central Tel Aviv, but on a small, quiet street, close to the beach.
This is my kitchen.

I don't really have a kitchen table though, since the apartment is rather small, we have a bar where we eat instead.

This is my bathroom.

We also have a jacuzzi, which is really nice.

It even has lamps inside of it, so the water changes colors every once in a while.

And there is a window in the bathroom as well, which I really like. No-one can see in, but you can open it and get some fresh air whenever you want, which is great.

We also have a small garden.

So there you go! A glimpse into the Tel Aviv apartment I have now. But if everything goes as planned, hopefully I will be able to show you another one soon!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cute small apartment in Jaffa, Israel

Ok, so enough about apartments in Tel Aviv for a while. But in case you didn't know, the city of Tel Aviv is actually called Tel Aviv-Yaffo and consists of two cities: the Jewish city of Tel Aviv, and the mixed historical city of Yaffo (in Hebrew)/Jaffa (in English). Jaffa used to be Arabic, but today it is a very charming, mixed city.

This small and rather fun apartment has some typically Arabic features, such as the windows, but is still rather modern. I think it is really fun!

Of course this apartment is way too small for my needs at the moment, but otherwise I would not mind living here at all!

(the pics are from Craigslist)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Penthouse in Tel Aviv

Because I have dogs, I am not a fan of penthouses and rooftop apartments. I am simply scared that my dogs would jump off the roof or something, so I prefer garden apartments, which is also what I am looking for, when I am looking for a place to buy.
But a lot of other people love penthouses, including a lot of people who live in Tel Aviv. Here is one nice Tel Aviv penthouse apartment, located on Derech Namir street, a street where a lot of luxury buildings are located in the city.

I have to say it looks quite impressive, and the roof is very nice. But naah, I will stick to garden apartments for now.

(pic from Yad2)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tel Aviv apartment on Bar Kochva Street

This apartment had just been renovated when these pics were taken, and it is located on a lovely street called Bar Kochva in central Tel Aviv (I have also seen a few apartments there myself). I love all the white, it really is a theme in this apartment, and looks great!

I have to add, however, that I am not sure someone was actually living in the apartment when the pics were taken. But wouldn't you love to live in it?

(the pics are from Tel Aliving)

Typical Israeli mailboxes

When you share yours with several neighbours, that is.
(pic from SUB Custom Real Estate)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A cute small apartment in Tel Aviv

A lot of people in Tel Aviv live in rather small apartments. I guess that goes for most big cities. But a small apartment doesn't have to look small or be less exclusive than bigger apartments. Here is an example of a small apartment in Tel Aviv I ran into recently on Homeless:

If it wasn't for the fact that I might have a family in a while, I would totally buy something like this. Smaller apartments require less work to keep clean and organized, after all.

A modern apartment in Givatayim, Israel

Givatayim is its own city, located very close to Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan in Israel, and is a popular choice for families, individuals and couples who think apartments in Tel Aviv are too expensive, but still need to or want to live close to the metropolis.

I have actually seen some apartments in Givatayim myself, and you can certainly get more bang for your buck by moving there, so I can completely understand people who do this.

Here are some pictures of a nice apartment in Givatayim, designed by interior designer Orian Canetti.

I have to say I personally fell in love with the wall behind the toilet in the bathroom, so beautiful!

For those of you who read Hebrew, you can read more about the apartment here.

City apartment: The first of Tel Aviv apartments

Since I live in Tel Aviv, the second largest city in Israel, located on the Mediterranean coast, I thought I would start by showing you a typical Tel Aviv apartment, not very unlike the (rented) apartment where I live myself.
It's a two bedroom apartment on a nice street called Prague in central Tel Aviv, currently for rent on Craigslist.

It looks like it might be located in an older building, like many Tel Aviv apartments (I live in a house that is over 80 years old myself) and what I like about it is mainly the rather big and airy kitchen and the big window in the livingroom. The fact that they have a bigger livingroom, with big windows and a small bedroom with a very small window is very typical for Tel Aviv apartments in my experience.

Why did I start this blog?

Well, first, let me start by telling you a little bit about myself:
I am slightly over 30 years old, married and originally not from Israel. However, at the moment I do live in Israel, and I am looking to buy a home. This means I am constantly looking at sales ads all over the internet. Literally every day!

And when I do that, I see a lot of Israeli homes that I think others would be interested in seeing as well, no matter if you actually live in Israel or not.

The second reason is that I have always been very interested in interior design, so I have been reading interior design blogs since they first started popping up, but I haven't found very many Israeli ones so far. So I also hope to spread the word about Israeli home decor a little.