Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cute apartment on Yehuda Maccabi street, Tel Aviv

Time for another Tel Aviv apartment again. This one is located on the charming street Yehuda Maccabi, very close to the big park Park Ha Yarkon, and has a nice big terrace.

I love the wooden floors on the terrace. Many Israelis who are lucky enough to have a terrace don't really decorate it that nicely, but this one seems to have been decorated a bit as well.

(the pics are from Craigslist)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rustic house in Rosh Pina, Galilee

Not a zimmer for tourists this time, but an actual house. Not the most luxurious of houses maybe, but I think it has it's charms. But maybe that's because I just visited this area and saw how relaxed life there can be?

Cute zimmer in Amirim, Galilee

This is not actually a house, but a zimmer, a small wooden cabin intended for tourists, who simply want to stay in the countryside for a few days (normally over the weekend). I stayed here for a short while recently with my husband, and absolutely loved the rustic feel of it.

It has a jacuzzi both inside and outside (and a private garden), a fire place as you can see (we didn't use it though, but I assume it works) and wooden walls and ceilings.

If you want to stay there too, you can find more information about it here.