Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cute details in a Haifa home

Ok, so enough with Tel Aviv. Even though I live in that fine city myself, I must admit here are many other cool places and cool homes in Israel besides the ones in Tel Aviv as well. Just take a look at these fun and colorful details in a Haifa home:

(pics from BVD)

Another rather unachievable apartment

But I think it is so spectacular, I had to feature it here anyway. In order to be honest, I must add it's not quite (ahem) in my price range though.
But wouldn't life be so much boring if we only settled for looking at stuff in our own price range?

(pics from BVD, the apartment is located in central Tel Aviv, hence all the skyskrapers)

Unachievable dream

I love people who use a lot of white when they decorate their homes. But both me and my husband are rather sloppy, so it's simply not practical for us at the moment. But if it was, I would totally like to live like this:

I have to say I absolutely love the vintage desk, so cute!

This apartment is also located in Tel Aviv, and the pics are from BVD.

Stoney apartment in Tel Aviv

I love stones being used as details in interior design, so I loved the kitchen in this Tel Aviv apartment, home to a young couple with kids:

I actually used to live in an apartment where and entire wall was just raw stone. I loved it! But I have to say that wall got incredibly cold during the winter, so I guess that's the big downside. On the other hand, Tel Aviv winters are not that long and it does mean that the wall cools the same apartment during the summer, which is not a bad thing at all, let's face it.

I think that you can kind of sense that whoever decorated this home likes vintage details and vintage things, and I happen to love vintage stuff too, so of course that appeals a lot to me.
Also, I have to say that I also really like when your personality shows in your design of an apartment like that, it's very cool!

(pics from BVD)

Gorgeous apartment on Rotschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

Rotschild Boulevard in central Tel Aviv is one of the most prestigeous locations in the entire city of Tel Aviv. And no wonder! There are plenty of awesome restaurants and bars on this street, and a lot of the buildings are really gorgeous too. Rotschild is also fairly close to the beach and all the shops in the center, making this a really good location, for other reasons that pure esthetics too.

Sadly, however, it is really expensive to live there. If I could, I definitely would though.

Currently, there is one gorgeous apartment for sale there, by Makler (where the photos are from as well), just take a look at this:

I love the old details in the windows, very typical for buildings on Rotschild and this area in general.

Awesome rooftop balcony on Kikar Ha Medina, Tel Aviv

One thing both me and my husband have been dreaming about for years is a rooftop or a rooftop balcony in the center of Tel Aviv. These are however, really hard to find, so for now, we haven't been able to rent or buy an apartment that has that.

I love this apartment with a rooftop balcony on fancy Kikar Ha Medina (an area where all the luxury stores in Tel Aviv are located) however.

The balcony looks so peaceful!
The only downside to this apartment is that is does seem kind of dark, but that could be the fault of the photographer as well, I guess.

(the pics are from Makler, a real estate firm selling this apartment at the moment)

Gorgeous renovated Tel Aviv apartment with old details

I love when something old is kept when you renovate an apartment or why not even a whole house. That's why I was happy to see that whoever renovated this apartment, kept the old floor:

If the floor isn't actually old, it is at least made old looking to fit the style that used to be common in this part of Tel Aviv.
I also like how Jerusalem stone, a building material very typical for Israel, was used in the bathroom:

(Pics from the Real estate firm Makler, who is currently selling this apartment)